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New 11/30/05

Figures of Abundance: Father Christmas

Originals created in 1989

n September of 1989, when my dear, dear grandfather appeared to me in my Healdsburg studio in a wavering form of tiny shimmering molecules, very like a hologram, he stood smiling at me. I had not seen him since he left this earth in 1954. It was after this visit I started making the "Figure of Abundance" as a tribute to my grandfather.

I only created a few "Figures of Abundance" that year with re-enforced steel, all individually handpainted and sealed with lacquers, much like the way I built cars in the 1960's. The following year I had many more orders to fill and my collectors were putting in their orders for the year following that. By 1992 Gumps, the famous San Francisco store, acquired almost my entire output for that year. (They all sold within 2 weeks.) They could have sold more but each Figure of Abundance/Father Christmas is hand designed, hand cut, welded and painted so that each piece can take up to 5 days to complete; they didn't want to wait.

It has now been thirteen years since the last Figure of Abundance/Father Christmas was created in my studio. I cherish the few I have kept for my own collection. Anyone that comes to visit immediately falls in love with them. I believe they have this quality because it is a tribute to a very beloved man, my grandfather.

I have once again begun to create the Figure of Abundance. I'm using the favorite ones from my own collection for inspiration (and the picture of my grandfather as Santa Claus / Father Christmas). Each is a one-of-a-kind and will be available to purchase and enjoy. Each holds a candle in the back with a light showing through the holes throughout the sculpture. The candle in the front illuminates the multi layers of bright colors on the beautiful robes and gentle face of the figure, seeming to make him come alive.

Your Figure of Abundance will delight you for many years to come. A family heirloom to last through the ages. I know you will enjoy him as much as I have enjoyed creating him.

Please feel free to contact me for more information. (707) 823-9340.

Zak Zaikine

The Figure of Abundance comes in 4 different sizes. 7"x 4"x 6" $180.00 plus $20. for shipping, 9"x 8"x 6" $260.00 plus $25. shipping, 12"x 7"x 6" $485.00 plus $35. shipping, 17"x 10"x 8" $685.00 plus $45. shipping.

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