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cover illustration

Dear Folks,

I just uncovered approximately 160 copies of my first book of poetry, I love you, written in the late 1960’s and first published in 1970.

These perfectly preserved books are heavy duty, soft cover stock, with pebble surface white interior paper and they are in mint condition! These copies are the last printing done in the spring of 1979. All were shrink wrapped and stored for the last 30 years at my dear friend Ron Hausdorf’s house in Monterey, California.

When I originally applied for a copyright for I love you, it never dawned on me that such a “universal” statement hadn’t been used before in a book title. When my papers arrived acknowledging that I in fact now owned the copyright, it thrilled me. To this day, 40 years later, it is healing to now be able to share these 40 pages of my deepest heartfelt expressions with you.

The first editions were carried by many book stores throughout North America, including Double Day’s bookstores, and Spencer gifts. But it was the Walden Bookstore chain that was my biggest account carrying not only I love you in every store, but my other poetry books I love you too and Love inside.

In 1974, my fourth book, Thinking of you came out. This is when I began to print only on 100% recycled paper stock. In those days, the cost was considerably more for recycled stock, but I felt I needed to do my part. (Now recycled paper is used in almost everything). Being among one of the early pioneers has allowed me to work on many levels with my art creations.

These rare copies of I love you are now available to all of you. Thank you for your continued support. It is appreciated in so many ways that I could not begin to express them on a written page! Blessings on you all!

Each copy, which I will hand sign for you, will be $16.00 plus $2.00 for media mail and $5.00 for priority mail. If you want me to dedicate it to someone send me their name(s). You can also call and order by credit card. Thank you so very much!

"a real friend"

we touch and it’s enough
you speak and i’m fulfilled
i smile and you are happy
we laugh
we know

Zak Zaikine

If you would like to order "i love you", an autographed copy is $16.00. Add $2.00 for media mail (estimated time of delivery is 10 days) or $5.00 for priority mail (ETD 3 days). Quotes are for US delivery only.

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