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Page 2 — Rev. 6/6/05

created the moon bowl for WomanKind, an organization dedicated to rekindling respect and appreciation for women's ability to create new life.  These beautiful bowls, both the pure white moon bowl and the rosetta moon bowl, are bisque-fired after they are made.  Then they are glazed and fired again until maturity.  Strong, durable and finely crafted, if taken care of they will last a lifetime or more!

The rosetta moon bowl is identical in size and shape to the pure white moon bowl, however, the rosetta bowl is light pink in color overall, has numerous layers of under glazes, and is decorated with engobe and glazed wild roses and floating green leaves.  Each bowl measures 8" in diameter and 7" tall, and has a 3½" opening at the top and a 26" circumfrence.  Each bowl differs slightly because all are individually made. 

All bowls are dated and signed by me on the bottom of the base.

Zak and moon bowls

Pure white moon bowl with lid

Pure white moon bowls

Rosetta and pure white moon bowls

The pure white moon bowl is available at a price of $89.95, and the rosetta moon bowl is available for $145.00.  If you desire, you may purchase an optional cork lid for $4.50.  Shipping is $20.00 for UPS ground delivery, or $28.50 for UPS 3-day delivery, and all bowls are exceptionally well-packed to prevent breakage.  California residents add 7.65% sales tax.

To Place an Order Online and Pay by PayPal:
Click on the PayPal logo below.  Very important: In addition to the required PayPal information, please be sure to include the following additional information in the section entitled "Message to Seller:"

Your name and phone number
The description of this item
The quantity desired

To Place an Order by Phone and Pay with a Credit Card:
Phone  (707) 823-9340
Voicemail only  (707) 523-8525

To Place an Order by Mail or Fax:
Print and complete this Order Form, and send it to the address or fax number on the form.

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