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Page 4 — Rev. 6/6/05

These 4x4-inch angel tiles are part of a collection of angel tiles created from 1990 to 1992.  In a way, they are a tribute to my father, "The American Michelangelo."

The Lady with the Fish Plate
14" diameter

Best of Friends Plate #2

Bacchus in the Vineyard Plate
14" diameter

Man and Woman Plate
14" diameter

Jumping in Paradise Plate
14" diameter

Tribute to Matisse Ginger Jar

Best of Friends Plate #1
13-1/2" diameter

Best of Friends Plate #3

Jumping in Paradise Vase #3

Wading in Paradise Plate

Bringing Back the Pearls Plate
Front view
April 17, 1989

Bringing Back the Pearls
Back view
April 17, 1989
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