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Rev. 6/1/05

Name: Terry Gariaeff
Email Address: TerryinSR@aol.com
Message: Thanks for the terrific seminar today sharing your wealth of knowledge about writing children's books and getting published. You really are a special person, and I appreciated your ability to communicate your passion for art to us all!! Look forward to futher classes., Thanks, Terry Gariaeff
Date: 0:12 am - Thursday,March 24, 2005

Name: Albert Kokick
Email Address: Albertthe third@sonic.net
Message: Got to spend time on you whole site.What great works you have.I especilly liked the unusal painted ceramics.And the welded mental sculptures...
Date: 7:49 pm - Tuesday,January 11, 2005

Name: Stella Shmidt
Email Address:
Message: Oh, my!!! My friend, Frank turned me on to your site. I will have to go back on again; I didn't have enough time to see all of your wonderous work. Whenever I am feeling low, I will visit your heart warming images to give me a lift. Thank you for the smiles!!! Stella
Date: 1:50 am - Tuesday,July 13, 2004

Name: Corinne Griffiths
Email Address: CorinneEscobar@Griffiths.net
Message: How fortunate I was to be in Jenner, California and to hear about the little Arts and Crafts Fair at Duncans Mills. My sister and I met Zak and bouth his book The Magic of Hanalei Bay. WE chatted a bit and I could tell from the very beginning that this was one special man. I only wish there were more people like you in the world! We would all be so happy!!! Corinne Griffiths, Yorba Linda, California
Date: 9:19 pm - Saturday,June 26, 2004

Name: Annie Summer
Email Address: annie4802@hotmail.com
Message: Lovely things, can't wait to purchase.
Date: 5:59 pm - Wednesday,April 28, 2004

Name: Oksana W. Gregor
Email Address: oksana@buffalo.com
Message: Zak...how fortunate for me to have received your mystical and magical "VERUSHKA" and what a delight to have spoken to a wonderful human being such as you.I cannot wait to visit your Gallery and to meet with you personally when I visit Natasha in May. As I told you she lived in Sebastopol and has moved a little north of there..however when I visit we always go back to Sebastopol and Healdsburg...I shall call you with my order for cards so I can share the whimsy and joy of your creations with my friend. Oksana
Date: 8:37 pm - Saturday,April 24, 2004

Name: Carolyn Troy
Email Address: carolyntroy1@aol.com
Message: Looks great !!!
Date: 4:42 pm - Thursday,April 8, 2004

Name: Andrew Mollison
Email Address: None
Message: Hello Zak, I saw your work in San Jose recently and enjoyed the uplift. Your work is so full of life, the world needs more people who see it the way you do. Thanks, hope to see you again at your next show in the area. Andy
Date: 0:31 am - Monday,April 5, 2004

Name: Carolyn Troy
Email Address: carolyntroy1@aol.com
Message: Love your website. Love you. Now I can say I know someone who has her own website. Way to go!!
Date: 10:54 pm - Saturday,March 27, 2004

Name: Susan Siering
Email Address:
Message: Zak: I've loved your work(especially the bronze sculptures) ever since seeing it in New York more than 20 years ago. Thanks for continuing your journey. You are an artist and gentleman. I love having your work in my life.
Date: 10:25 pm - Wednesday,December 17, 2003

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