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Rev. 6/1/05

Email Address:
Message: Hello Zak I think your site is lovely.I live in the woods and only come out once in a while. Was near a comptuer And had a chance encounter with your very interesting Art work.If and when i get an adress i will write and let you know. Since i would like to see your wrk in person! Sincerely G.R.S.
Date: 0:23 am - Wednesday,November 26, 2003

Name: frank
Email Address: fantasticfrank@sonicnetHello Zak I cant
Message: Hello Zak I Can't believe i fond you1 And so easily.. Allidid was punch our old Junior High School "George Jay Ryan Junior High " and their you are..Wow ..we rode the bus together when we went off to Jamaica High in beautiful Queens Long Island... write me please... you were agood artist then but now you are GREAT... Frankie
Date: 3:42 am - Tuesday,November 11, 2003

Name: Linda Barclay (again )
Email Address: lindawithasmile@yahoo.com
Message: Hello to Zak's guests! I'm just letting you know that you can now leave images in the message area if you know how to use HTML. It's another fun option I've added to Zak's website! Linda
Date: 1:41 pm - Friday,November 7, 2003

Name: Laura
Email Address: lacosta@kavlico.com
Message: Interesting work Zak, and glad you have a web page to shop from...the way of today's world of shoppers!!
Date: 6:36 pm - Monday,November 3, 2003

Name: Ailleen O.
Email Address:
Message: Love your pages..your art is oh, so, wonderful. I am already picking out my christmas presents. Shopping for my varied relatives will be oh, so easy now...Thank You for your lovely work..A.O.
Date: 3:16 pm - Wednesday,October 29, 2003

Name: Ellen Morrison
Email Address: bowzerbird@lanset.com
Message: Yo Zak, Your Flasher here signing in . . Man, ya know I love your work and being influence by Chagall and Dali, well, that IZ the cat's meow! Hey, ya all, get a clock of your favorite image [the cat faces are just a claw away]. Tabitha dreaming of lunch in a clock is just too cool. MEEEYYYOW! You, da MAIN MAN, ZAKO. ella bella [a Total Bowzer Bird]
Date: 6:14 pm - Tuesday,October 28, 2003

Name: Karin OKeefe
Email Address: karinokeefe@yahoo.com
Message: Hello Sweetie, I wanted to be #2 in your book of guests. I love your website and I love you! I love living with your wonderful, whimsical, plentiful art. It is so inspiring for me. You and you work are a pleasure to live with every day! xxooxx Karin
Date: 3:20 pm - Tuesday,October 28, 2003

Name: Linda Barclay
Email Address: lindawithasmile@yahoo.com
Message: Hi Zak! I wanted to be the first one to sign your guestbook. Very cool, huh! I hope you enjoy this new feature of your website as much as I enjoyed creating it. You're the best! Linda
Date: 0:01 am - Tuesday,October 28, 2003

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