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Rev. 6/1/05

Name: Jan
Email Address: jang9333@aol.com
Message: Hi, I am intrigued by your work, I am an artist who you spoke to on here, as I am out of work, down on $$$ seeking ways to get income, taught, did full wall murals in resort in my early days, sold off many orig. oils, and still can't seem to make it to selling as you are, or even at all for now. I just got this new computer, so much to learn, you can view my work at esnips under jang9333@aol.com Thanks so much for sharing!!!, I too loved Oahu this past year, son lived over there for a while, I loved it all!!! My best,Jan-Marin
Date: 9:49 pm - Friday,May 12, 2006

Name: John Lloyd
Email Address: johnlloyd@bigjohnsmarket.com
Message: Kim and I want you to know that we are with you as you recover and heal. Your positive outlook has certainly touched my heart and countless others and will be invaluable to you in your time of need.
Date: 11:40 am - Monday,March 27, 2006

Name: Alan Hagel
Email Address: raku6@aol.com
Message: Hello Zak, How's everything? Hope to be in Calif. this summer. Just love all your work. Keep doing it.
Date: 2:42 pm - Wednesday,February 1, 2006

Name: george searing
Email Address: searingats@att.net
Message: Thanks for your help Zak.I enjoyed our talk the info on art expo you gave me has saved me $6000.00!!!!! I called the sales rep Mark Shapiro to let him know I decided not to do the show , he had no answer for the tee shirt sellers or the clothing sales etc. I said I didn't want to spend $6000.00 on a booth next to a crafter or tee shirt seller ,I can do that for alot less than $6000.00.I try not to do any shows that involve crafts only fine art. To me they just don't mix. thanks again george
Date: 12:05 am - Friday,December 9, 2005

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