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Dear Friends, Patrons and Collectors,

To begin, I would like to thank you all for being a part of my life and supporting not only my creative endeavors, but the health concerns that I have been dealing with as well. All of your wonderful prayers, meditations and general support have made every day a blessing. I feel the strength of your kind thoughts and grow stronger with every passing moment because of them. Thank you all.

After forty years of working on the “Mandala: We Can Only Make It Together” series, I am issuing a limited “Anniversary Edition” available in two versions.

The “Mandala” series began in the mid 1960’s as I began to realize that there was definitely another side to my male self. Having grown up with very strong women in my life, and being sensitive to things that were attributed to women, allowed me to unite with this feminine principle and balance the male-female relationship within myself.

Thus the birth of the Unity, and the uniting of self series, which I would carry forth in the bulk of my creative endeavors including my current creative output, in which relationships of all kinds flourish. The relationship not only with myself, but also with my friends, family, the landscape, and the community that extends to the world around me!

The first version of the “Mandala” is a solid cast pewter-silver which is plated in double gold and mounted on a black pewter-silver base, or a double plated bronze edition also mounted on a black pewter-silver base. The total measurements are 10 ¾” x 7” x 3.” The piece is signed and dated by the artist and sells for $600.00. I also have several artist’s proofs in just brushed pewter-silver castings that are available for $450.00.

Double plated gold edition of the “Mandala II.”

Zak Zaikine - Mandala Series

The current offering price is $600.00 plus $35.00, for shipping and Insurance.

Double Plated Bronze edition of the “Mandala II.”

Zak Zaikine - Mandala Series

The second “Mandala” version is a new solid cast bronze piece (as pictured on the next page) with a man and woman emerging out of a stone base. This piece has a beautiful patina with polished faces to reveal the pure bronze beneath. The total size of the piece measures 9 ½” x 7” x 4 ½“and is signed and dated by the artist. The cost is $3,000.00. I would also like to mention that this particular piece is available life size for a garden or courtyard area.

Mandala Working Model

Also available are limited editions of the working model for the piece. The total piece measures 4” x 3” x 2 ½” and can be purchased in three different versions: gold plated, brushed pewter, or bronze plated, for $100.00 each. Shipping is included. These are very lovely editions of one of my earliest works which are signed and dated by the artist and are mounted on a pewter-silver base (as shown).

If you would like to view the actual sculptures in person, Lorenzo, the owner of Bodega Landmark Studio in historic Bodega, California, will be happy to show you all of my available works. He can be reached at 707.876.3477. If you wish to contact him by e-mail you may do so at

Thank you and blessings,

Zak Zaikine

p.s. For all large Mandalas, please include $35.00 for shipping, handling and insurance. Thank You!

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