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Page 4 — Rev. 8/1/05

his large polychrome wall sculpture was commissioned by Susie Buffet of San Francisco, California in the late 1990s.  It was created as a fresh, updated version of a Fay Ray-type of heroine dealing with a King Kong-type of creature among a family of smaller gorillas.

The original drawing (below) was done on a large sheet of 18-gauge steel.  Then the image was cut to a size of approximately 40"x48"x1½" with a hand-held torch.  Reinforcing 1/4" steel rods were welded throughout the piece to give it strength.  Then the steel was ground and sandblasted to clean it, and finally a primer undercoat was applied to prepare the surface for painting.

The final work was resolved very well, and the client was very pleased.
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