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Page 5 — Rev. 8/1/05

his 3.5-inch x 5-inch Raggedy Ann metal sculpture has a wonderful story.  Unlike most stories of mine, I'll tell this one starting at the end.

In May 2003, a lady named Linda saw one of my hand-hooked tapestry rugs on eBay.  The rug now hangs on a wall in the foyer of her home, Linda and I have become great friends, and Linda created and is the webmaster of my website.  The discovery of my tapestry rug led her to search eBay for other works of mine, and when she did a search for "zaikine" . . . SURPRISE!  Up came an auction for Raggedy Ann which she bid on and won.

Now to the beginning.  In the mid 1980s, I made several Raggedy Ann and Andys along with many other small polychrome welded steel sculptures.  The photos below are another Raggedy Ann and Andy set from that collection along with several cactus, and a small mermaid and some palm trees.

As it turns out, in 1986 I sold a Raggedy Ann and Andy set to a man (the seller on eBay) at an East Village art show in New York.  Raggedy Ann and Andy lived on a shelf in his home until one day, Raggedy Andy fell off and broke into smithereens.  Raggedy Ann managed to stay upright, and finally the man decided it was time for her to move on.  Now Raggedy Ann has found a new home and even a spot on my website!

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