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cover illustration

My second children's book, A Mother's Love is now available for purchase. It was written and illustrated in my studio the northern California town of Sebastopol, where I've lived for over 14 years. It is here where I will continue to work and produce my art and many more books for the child in all of us. This collectors first edition is limited to 1000 numbered copies. I will personally date and sign each book and provide you with a small, original drawing along with my autograph.

This book features pencil, pen and watercolor paintings to accompany the sweet story of a cat family reuniting. The pictures from the book are similar, in style, to William Steig's, one of my heroes. A Mother's Love is based on a true story that happened, in the 70's, when my family lived north of Healdsburg, California, west of the end of Dry Creek Road.

This book has been printed on recycled paper and printed with soy based inks.

Thank you very much for your patronage and your continued interest in my creative endeavors.

Zak Zaikine

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If you would like to order A Mother's Love, an autographed copy is $30.00. The book is only available in hardbound with dust jacket (as pictured above). Shipping and handling by priority mail is included in the price. It is usually delivered within 3 days anywhere in the USA.

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