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Page 3 — Rev. 6/1/05

he works that you see on pages 3 through 6 of my paintings are part of a series entitled "That Joyous Feeling Again."  In mid-afternoon on June 8th, 1996, I took up my limestone pencil, the one I use when I draw on metal, and began to sketch on pre-finished black gesso canvas.  The limestone creates a white line and in effect I have a chalk-on-blackboard type drawing. I then take up a variety of mediums to develop the under painting but I mostly employ my favorite, that of oil pastel.  When the painting is completed, it is sealed over a period of days with clears, very much like a varnish going over an oil painting.

The "joy" in making these works is a gathering of experiences, both visual and ones felt, that have been lovingly carried through my entire life. The delight in making these works is reflected back in the happiness each canvas gives me on viewing it after completion.  As these images leave my studio and come to you, may they impart the same smiles and good cheer and joy that they gave me as I created them.

One Happy Angelic Dog

Bone Yard Heaven

Just Enjoying Each Other

Catfish Guarded by Mermice

Me and My Friend

How Nice to Be Friends
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