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Page 7 — Rev. 6/1/05

or the last 15 years, I have seriously recorded and created landscapes, although my first works go back to the mid 1960's sitting within forest groves, by bubbly brooks and meandering rivers, high on wheat-filled rolling hills, and on ridges covered with poppies and succulents.  I have co-created with nature the magnificence of the landscapes whether it be in the Catskill Mountains of the east coast, the lush interiors of the South, or the dry high desert of the multi-dimensional west coast.  When I create from nature, I feel a deep connect—a bond where what I'm painting allows me the honor to paint it.  If one needed a handle as to my technique, I'd say it was a bit akin to impressionism and post-impressionism.  A great deal of meditation goes into each work before, during, and after.  I go back to paint certain scenes and areas time and time again.  We have become dear friends, the landscapes and I.

Inspiration for my "Landscape" series
Near a Sonoma, California Creek
Oil wash on paper
Approximately 24"x36"

Mystical Woods

My Favorite Place

Tulips from My Garden

Oak Grove

Magical Forest

Irises from My Garden

Magical Vineyard

Vineyard on the Way to Healdsburg

Outside My Studio

Bodega Head
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