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Rev. 6/6/05

Select the Image
Click on Paintings on the menu to browse through the gallery of my paintings, or click here to see a thumbnail of all of my paintings on one page. Make a note of the name painting and the ZZ number if applicable.

Select the Type of Print

  • Canon Prints
         Canon prints are created one at a time by me with a Canon graphite laser printer, which separates each color, prints the image, then bakes the colored graphite onto the paper. I have been given the key to enter the program and can lessen or intensify certain colors. This process is the most faithful I have found to create an almost perfect work from my original painting. My Canon prints have an image area of 8x10 and an extra border which makes the overall size 8½x11.

  • Giclée Prints
         Giclée prints represents an exciting breakthrough in fine art printmaking. The process combines the latest in computer and printing technology with the finest material available to give the end product a strong link to more traditional forms of printmaking. The printing step is accomplished by the use of an ink jet type printer, which uses a four-color continuous tone technology. Environmentally friendly water-based dyes are transferred to the paper surface through extremely accurate and sophisticated ink jet printing at a rate of 4 million 15-micron diameter droplets per second. The 100% cotton watercolor paper absorbs the ink completely, resulting in a very water-resistant surface. Quality and collectability are of primary concern. Recently the Giclée print met with official museological approval as original multiples. Major artists such as David Hochney and Robert Rauschenberg are now producing prints in this medium, and museums such as the New York Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art are exhibiting these works.
         My fine art Giclée images are produced by D'Orazio Digital Imaging. All are signed and dated, and are available in two finishes—gloss has a laminated overcoat which results in dramatic color, and silk has a wonderful pastel effect. Both of these technologies result in a very stable print. My Giclée prints are available in three image sizes—8x10, 11x14, and 16x20.  In the 16x20 size, the edition is limited to 250 of each finish as opposed to the editions of 1,000 or more commonly made by other print-makers. All sizes have an extra border which makes the 8x10 image 12x14 overall, the 11x14 image 16x20 overall, and the 16x20 image 20x24 overall.

Determine the Item Price of Your Order
Canon prints 8x10: $18.00
Giclée prints 8x10 (gloss or silk): $100.00
Giclée prints 11x14 (gloss or silk): $145.00
Giclée prints 16x20 (gloss or silk): $240.00

Add Shipping and Handling and Sales Tax
For insured delivery in the U.S. add 10% shipping and handling.
For insured delivery outside of the U.S. please contact me for charges.
California residents add 7.65% sales tax.

To Place an Online Order and Pay by PayPal:
Click on the PayPal logo below.  Very important: In addition to the required PayPal information, please be sure to include the following additional information in the section entitled "Message to Seller:"

Your name phone number
The name of the painting, and ZZ number if applicable
The type of print — Canon or Giclée
If Giclée, the finish of the print — gloss or silk
The size of the print
The quantity

To Place an Order by Phone and Pay with a Credit Card:
Phone  (707) 823-9340
Voicemail only  (707) 523-8525

To Place an Order by Mail or Fax:
Print and complete this Order Form, and mail it or fax it to the address or fax number on the form.

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