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Page 3 — Rev. 6/11/05

(Click photos to enlarge)

Looking in at the kitty and the chickens as they're looking out.  Who's looking at whom, do you think?

The front window again

Looking at the completed truck with almost a full head-on frontal view.  My original painting, "Best of Friends" in the background on the left, was the inspiration for many of the characters on the truck.

The front grill with a crowing rooster for the hood ornament

Looking almost straight downward at the top of the hood

Another view of the rooster and the front window

Me and my kitty, content on her home on the roof.  My original painting, "Best of Friends Always" in the background, was the inspiration for this kitty.

A great side view of the truck with my paintings in the background.  The colors on the rooster hood ornament are particularly vibrant in this photo.

A view of the cab and the rear window with my painting, "Best of Friends Always" in the background.

A full view of the side door

Just checking ... "Are you happy, my dear?"

The completed truck with my original paintings in the background!

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